A few miles away from the bustling cities of Reims and Epernay you'll find the Bernard Remy Champagne. Created 40 years ago by Bernard Remy himself, it definitely has an outstanding character.

It's in the heart of the little village of Allemant on the Côte des Blancs (White grape coast) that the family patiently transforms their grapes into Champagne. With no less than 11 hectares of vines all over the Champagne vineyard, the Bernard Remy winery offers a wide range of grape varieties, Grand Crus as well as local wines to make refined types of Champagne with subtle, delicate flavours.

The sophistication and refinement of the wines actually highlight the constant quest for perfection of the winery.

Once upon a time there was a Champagne winery associating tradition with passion

In 1968, Bernard Remy bought his first vines in the village. A few years later he would market his first wines in France. In 1983 he made the decision to have his own cellar built so as to be able to produce his own wine and to master the production. Since he wanted to broaden his vineyard, he bought 3 more hectares in 1986 and thus trebled the output.

The cellar was then too small for the storage of these outstanding bubbles and was therefore widened in 1990, 1997 and more recently in 2008, which allowed the wines to mature in the greatest conditions.
His son Rudy started working in the winery in 1996 and took over the reins in 2008. Nonetheless Bernard is often on the lookout...

Always forward-looking

The discreet family winery saw their turnover gradually increase, partially thanks to the word-of-mouth between the customers. Relying on their experience of the domestic market, they took on the challenge of tackling the international markets.

Dealing first with Belgium and Germany, the winery step by step conquered the European markets thanks to the quality of their wines, their exceptional reliability and adaptability to the highest expectations.

The winery is now involved in long-distance export business with some acknowledged achievements in Japan.

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