• Vinum

    In its last December edition the famous wine magazine Vinum has published a list of its 200 favourite champagnes. And 2 of our cuvées are part of this selective list !

    - Cuvée Prestige

    - Blanc de Noirs

  • Guide Hachette des Vins 2018

    Our Rosé and our Blanc de Noirs have been both selected in the famous French wine guide " Guide Hachette des Vins 2018  " !!

  • "Champagne" the new Champagne Guide

    The famous German wine writer Gerhard Eichelmann has published the new edition of his Champagne Guide.

    Our House has been highly recommended with 4 cuvées rated each with 4 stars !

    - Blanc de Blancs
    - Grand Cru
    - Prestige
    - and Millésime 2010


  • Vinum Magazine - Rosé

    In its last edition of December, the famous wine magazine Vinum highlighted our ROSÉ as a "must have" for the Summer Season !!

  • Guide Hachette des Vins 2017

    2 cuvées have been highlighted in the famous Guide Hachette des Vins 2017

    - Carte Blanche

    - Blanc de Noirs

  • Decanter 2016

    Our champagnes have been awarded at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2016

    Bronze Medal for our Carte Blanche

    Commended for our Rosé

    Commended for our Blanc de Blancs

    Results of this wine competition can be found in the october edition of the magazine Decanter

  • The Wine Merchant Magazine - TOP 100

    The Wine Merchant Magazine has recently published the list of its 100 favourite wines - the famous TOP 100

    And our champagne Blanc de Blancs won the Best Value Sparkling Trophy !

  • Wine magzine Vinum

    In its December edition, the famous wine magazine Vinum highlighted not only our champagnes but also the quality and the know-how of our House :

     "a House in wich you can have
    complete confidence"


    Moreover 2 cuvées were noted 16/20 :

    -         - Prestige

     -  Blanc de Blancs

  • Decanter

    Our champagnes have been awarded at the Decanter World Wine Awards

    Silver Medal for our Grand Cru

    Commended for our Rosé

    Results of this wine competition can be found in the october edition of the magazine Decanter

  • Our GRAND CRU in the TOP 10 of Janna Rijpma

    Janna Rijpma is a famous journalist. She is recognized worldwide as a wine writer and a champagne specialist.

    She tasted our cuvées and ranked our Grand Cru in the TOP 10 of her favourite champagnes.

    To read the entire article of Janna Rijpma, follow the link :


  • Essi Avellan rated Bernard Remy's Champagnes

    Essi Avellan is Finland’s first Master of Wine. She is recognized as an international wine author and Champagne specialist.

    She tasted our range and was particularly impressed by 2 of our cuvées :

    -         -  Blanc de Blancs                                86 points

    -         -  Grand Cru                                         79 points

  • Gilbert & Gaillard

    Our champagnes have been highlighted in the last edition of the magazine Gilbert & Gaillard

  • Decanter World Wine Awards : Bronze Medal

    Our Carte Blanche
    received a


    at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2014.

    Results of this famous competition can be found in the october edition of the magazine DECANTER.

  • Hungary

    The Hungarian magazine VINOPORT has recently published an article about our House.

    This one can be downloaded at the following address :

  • 2 Stars in the Guide Hachette des Vins 2015 !!

    Our Carte Blanche received

    2 STARS **

    in the last edition of the Guide Hachette des Vins !!

  • 90 points Wine Spectator

    Two of our champagnes scored both 90 points at the famous Wine Spectator rating :

    Carte Blanche              90 points

    Millésime 2004            90 points

    A new proof of the quality of our house !!

  • A Golden Cuvée

    Our Cuvée Prestige got a

    Golden Medal

    at a tasting in Czech Republic

  • Gilbert & Gaillard

    We have 2 cuvées which received each a 
    Gold Medal
    at the wine tasting Gilbert et Gaillard 2014

    Grand Cru                87/100

    Carte Blanche           81/100

  • Guide Larousse des Champagnes

    Our list of awards is still growing !!
    The Guide Larousse des Champagnes has recently rewarded our skills and know-how by dedicating 2 pages to our House. Our cuvées Prestige and Millésime 2004 have been particularly enjoyed and receive both 4 stars !!

  • Our Blanc de Noirs in the Top 10 of the champagnes 100 % Pinot Noir

    In its December issue, the wine magazine Vinum has made a selection of the best Blanc de Noirs champagnes (i.e. champagnes only made with Pinot Noir). And our cuvée

    "Blanc de Noirs" ranked 8th of this list with a beautiful 16/20 !!

  • Our Carte Blanche highlighted in the magazine Vinum

    In the magazine Vinum, our

    Carte Blanche obtained the good note of 16/20

    among the champagnes made with a majority of Pinot Noir.

  • Guide Hachette des Vins 2014

    Our Grand Cru a has been honoured in the last edition of the Guide Hachette des Vins

  • The smart magazine Luxify highlights the Champagne House Bernard REMY

    In the smart magazine Luxify, Michael Prünner describes his trip to the Champagne region. he relates his visit to the Champagne House Bernard REMY as well as his privileged meeting with Rudy

    the article can be found Under :

  • "Champagne" - Gerhard Eichelmann

    Mr Eichelmann has recently published his new Champagne Guide.
    Like in the previous edition, our House has a very good rating : 
    Grand Cru and Millésime 2004
    receive both 4 Stars

  • Vinum 2012

    Like every year in its December edition, the magazine Vinum publishes a report special "Champagne" . And this year again, our house has been highlighted !!

    Our Grand Cru  got a note of 16 /20
    and our Blanc de Blancs a note of 15.5 /20

  • Elitistreview

    Our cuvée Grand Cru has been particularly enjoyed by the magazine Elitistreview

  • Harpers

    The famous wine magazine HARPERS  dedicates a short article to our cuvées !!

  • Bernard REMY Champagnes in Tchech Republic

    Our champagnes enter successfully the Tchech market !

    Our Millésime 2002 ranked 1st at an international wine competition in Prague 

  • Bernard REMY Champagnes make themselves talked about !!

    Mr Eichelmann, a famous wine writter, has just published his last "Champagne Guide". Two pages have been dedicated to our House and our
    Cuvée Prestige has been highlighted as an exceptional champagne !

  • Vinum Magazine

    We are quite proud to announce you that, the famous magazine « Vinum » has honoured one of our champagnes:

    our Millésime 2002 received the note 15/20

    at the Champagne tasting from December 2011 !!

    Results of this wine competition can be found in the December issue of Vinum Magazine

  • Wein und Markt Magazin

    The famous German magazine Wein und Markt published an article about us.

  • New York, New York !!

    Eamon Rockey, from restaurant Compose, in New York recommends our Carte Blanche :

    "Bernard Remy Carte Blanche ($66) is truly a bang for the buck; there is no reason that grower-producer Champagne as mineral-driven and vivacious shouldn't be available to everyone!"

    The complete article can be found under : The Best Champagne-Inspired Wine Lists Across the Country

  • Vinum 2010

    2  of our champagnes have been awarded in the magazine Vinum .

    Our Carte Blanche and our Millésime 2002
    received both the note 15/20

    at the Champagne tasting of December 2010

  • Guide Hachette des Vins 2010

    Our Cuvée Prestige got one star

    and our Carte Blanche a citation

    in the new edition of the Guide Hachette des Vins

  • Vino

    Our House has been highlighted in Belgium, in the wine magazine Vino.

    Our Blanc de Blancs  got 83/100

    at the special tasting "Cuvées 100 % Chardonnay"

  • ÖGZ Wein

    The quality of our House has been awarded on an international level, and more precisely by the Austrian wine magazine ÖGZ.

    Our Rosé got 4 Glasses
    (maximum is 5)

    at the tasting "Schaumwein Cup"

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