How to drink Champagne

For each glass of Champagne to be a magic moment, here are a few tips to make the most of the experience.


The drinking temperature of the wine

The wine drinking temperature varies from 4 to 8°C according to our cuvées. Place it in the refrigerator for a few hours then in a bucket of iced water ½ hour before serving, and our champagne will be ready to be enjoyed under the best conditions.

If the wine is not cool enough, the elegance and subtlety of its aromas will not reach your palate ... after so many years of love and work, you ought to drink it at the right temperature! (But too cold a champagne will not deliver all its strength and complexity)


Whether discrete or explosive, the way you open your champagne will reflect your personality. Hold the bottle with a firm grasp or wave it over your guests, it's up to you to make this a memorable occasion! Since the pressure in the bottle is 4 to 6 bars, you can sabre it for a touch of magic. Remove the foil from the neck so that it doesn't hinder the blade, tilt the bottle 30 to 45° and strike the neck sharply with a Champagne sabre ... effect guaranteed!




Champagne flute, cup, large wine glass, tulip glass or tumbler ... Every glass is the history of an epoch. Customs change over time, but champagne stays faithful to itself!

What's certain is that the experience will vary according to the type of glass. Bubbles and aromas will escape differently in different shapes of glass. The temperature will change more or less rapidly according to how the glass is held. The thickness of the glass will change how the bubbles appear. But the ideal glass is a fairly tall, narrow flute / not too wide at the rim, so that it retains the aromas within the glass for you to enjoy all the complexity.



Storing champagne

Our champagne is at the stage of perfect maturity as it has already been aged in cellars and under our control.

It can therefore be kept for several years under the following conditions:

  • Store the bottles horizontally 
  • Store the bottles away from light
  • Keep the temperature constant at around 10°C
  • At a high humidity

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