Champagne Blanc de Noirs

The lightness of its youth reveals the intensity of the fruit.

Full-bodied and balanced, this wine will seduce you with the intense fruitiness on the palate, long-lasting and delicate.

A Champagne of character with a lively, intense nose, playing on the aromas of summer fruits: pear, quince, fruit preserves.

This fruitiness is long on the palate, a sign of the elegance and complexity of this cuvée.

The Blanc de Noirs will reveal all its aromas with a fillet of doe or a guinea fowl with mushrooms.

Blanc de Noirs


100% Pinot Noir


18 months' ageing in cellars




Bottle of 750 ml.

Blanc de Noirs

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Fillet of doe with Blanc de Noirs

Fillet of doe with Blanc de Noirs

The perfect mushroomy marriage


  • 1 kg of tied doe fillet
  • 2 shallots
  • 2 carrots
  • 50 cl of Cahors type wine
  • 5 cl of rum for flambé
  • Olive oil
  • Butter
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary, pepper and salt


  • Sear the meat with the butter and oil
  • Replace the meat with sliced shallots
  • and allow them to brown lightly
  • Add the flambé rum
  • Put back the meat with the sliced
  • carrots
  • Salt and pepper while adding red wine
  • and rosemary
  • Cook on low heat for 25 minutes
  • Serve very hot with a little parsley

To enjoy with a bottle of Champagne
Blanc de Noirs Bernard REMY


Mixology is the subtle art of creating cocktails. And naturally, champagne is an essential ingredient in devising ever more refined drinks. Here we offer you a few cocktails that will reveal all the diversity of aromas in our Champagnes.

Champagne soup with Blanc de Noirs

Champagne soup with Blanc de Noirs

The genuine Champagne soup

Ingredients for 1 litre

  • Champagne Blanc de Noirs Bernard REMY (75cl)
  • 15 cl of Cointreau
  • 15 cl of lemon juice
  • 1 Lemon
  • 15 g of sugar


  • Blend all the ingredients
  • Put in bottle in a cool place
  • for 24 h with a tight stopper
  • Cut the lemon into thin slices
  • Place in a very cold bowl
  • with the lemons
  • Serve with a small ladle

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