Champagne Millésime 2016

In vintage years, the Earth offers us grapes for exceptional cuvées.

Let time do its work with humility, wait, and wait still more ... an oenological journey to the heart of the alchemy of the vine.

The Millésime is dressed and sparkling gold.

The nose, the fine and delicate aromas reveal the mineral-like quality and elegance of this champagne.

Predominantly floral on the palate, revealing the complexity and maturity that make the Millésime an exceptional cuvée.

The Millésime can be subtly accompanied by a vanilla mille-feuille.

Millésime 2016


60% Chardonnay
25% Pinot Noir
15% Pinot Meunier


5 years' ageing in cellars




Bottle of 750 ml

Millésime 2016

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of our Champagnes.

Millésime 2016 - Crème Brulée

Millésime 2016 - Crème Brulée

Vanilla to reveal the complexity of the years


  • 150g of crème fraîche
  • 100g of sugar
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • Brown or demerara sugar


  • Take out the vanilla seeds, blend
  • with the cream and set over low heat
  • with the vanilla pod split open
  • Beat the egg yolks and sugar to
  • obtain a ribbon of sugar
  • Mix with the cream while still warm
  • Place in ramekins
  • Place in a water bath in the oven
  • at 160°C for 35 minutes
  • Leave to cool for 4 hours in the refrigerator
  • Sprinkle with sugar before serving
  • and caramelise with a torch.

To enjoy with a bottle of Champagne
Millésime Bernard REMY


Mixology is the subtle art of creating cocktails. And naturally, champagne is an essential ingredient in devising ever more refined drinks. Here we offer you a few cocktails that will reveal all the diversity of aromas in our Champagnes.

Millésime 2013 - Kir Royal

Millésime 2013 - Kir Royal

Cocktail in the French tradition


  • Champagne Millésime 2016 Bernard REMY
  • 2 cl of blackcurrant or raspberry liqueur
  • Some soft fruit


  • Pour a little liqueur into the glass
  • Add the well chilled champagne
  • Add a little soft fruit

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